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Why have most of Hydrafacial solutions, peels, and boosters been reformulated?

Hydrafacial has always been committed to mindfully developing innovative & efficacious beauty products with passion and dedication by aligning with and keeping abreast of global industry standards. Hydrafacial regularly reviews its solutions, peels, and boosters to ensure they remain up to date with the industry’s best practices. As a result, we have reformulated to ensure we are being as mindful of latest standards as possible. We’ve also taken the opportunity to rename the products for better clarity and customer experience.

What are the name changes?



Activ-4 AHA Exfoliating Solution


Beta-HD Clear Skin Solution


Antiox+/6 Skin Solution

COMING SOON: Hydrafacial Hydrate


Hydrafacial Device Rinse

Glysal Prep

COMING SOON: Hydrafacial Peel 7.5%

Glysal Peel


Glysal Peel MD








Regen GF



How are the ingredients sourced?

At Hydrafacial, our suppliers source best in class raw materials aligning with our Mindfully Made guidelines and standards, resulting in efficacious and proven products.

Will the protocols remain the same?

Yes. The protocols remain the same for all Hydrafacial treatments and will provide the same result to your client.

Why are Glysal Prep and Antiox+ not reformulated yet?

Glysal Prep and Antiox+ are still available for purchase until their new formulations are ready. We are still perfecting their formulas to ensure you and your clients absolutely love them.

Why is Antiox 6 discontinued?

Hydrafacial Hydrate (coming soon) has been updated to be an excellent hydrating option for all skin types. This has eliminated the need for two hydrating options, in addition to keeping it simpler for our customers.

Are the reformulations compatible with both the Elite and Syndeo Hydrafacial devices?

Yes. Please make sure to update your Syndeo device to see the new product names!

Are product swap-outs available?

The reformulated products will be available for all orders moving forward.

Can customers choose between the old or new products?

We will have the old products available until they are out of stock. Customers will not be able to purchase the old products once they are out of stock and must purchase the new products.

Where can we get the full ingredient list?

You can find the ingredient list for each product in the reformulation reference guide, on the back of the product packaging, in Sphera, as well as on our Hydrafacial websites.

Do the reformulated products feel different on the skin during treatment? Are the treatment results the same? After thorough testing, we found that the updated formulas have positive and comparable consistency, after-feel, and treatment results. (You will continue to see that amazing Hydrafacial glow!)

What is the manufacturing process?

Hydrafacial’s manufacturers follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that involve a clean process that is held to the highest standard in the industry. In addition, all ingredients are compliant with Global regulations.

Do you suggest patch testing when trying the updated products for the first time?

Patch testing is always a great idea for clients new to Hydrafacial. All ingredients used in the updated formulas show no conflict with allergies or sensitivities. However, those who have allergies should consult with their provider or esthetician before use.

Is the Chestnut Extract contained in some of the updated formulas a concern if a client has a nut allergy? This ingredient is not shown or reported to cause allergies or intolerances. However, those who have nut allergies should consult with their provider or esthetician before use.

Are all updated formulas safe/ effective when coupled with LightStim?

Yes, providers should follow the same protocol for LightStim as previously followed/ trained on.

Are all components of the new bottles & packaging recyclable? What about the handpiece and tips?

Yes. However, as with all recyclable material, packaging must be rinsed before being recycled.

Can we truly claim that the updated Hydrafacial products are “vegan”?

Yes! We have swapped all non-vegan ingredients to plant-based alternatives. (This means no more shellfish or honey allergy warnings!)

Who should I contact with product questions or concerns?